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HGH Growth Hormone Replacement Increases Eyesight – In elderly patients, vision deterioration tends to have a detrimental effect on the quality of life. Common vision problems in adults include – cataracts and glaucoma, which are just a few of the many visual disorders that the elderly have to face. Several reports suggest that the use of HGH improves vision. Empirical evidence has been suggestive of a distinct improvement in sharpness, color, adaptation to darkness and focus. In some cases, HGH has been reported to even repair eye damage. Doctors have recorded the benefits of HGH from the management of macular degeneration to an improvement in vision strength of the eye.

How does HGH improve vision?

One of the fundamental reasons for deterioration of vision is the hardening of the pupils (i.e. the muscles that hold the lens), which prevent the capability of the pupils to dilate, which in turn affects vision. HGH has known to increase muscle strength, which strengthens the papillary muscles and improves focus and vision.
Secondly, age related macular degeneration, a condition that causes blindness in about 15 million Americans is also effectively managed by HGH. In this condition, the cells of the retina degenerate, which causes coning of the vision and gradually results in complete loss of vision. Furthermore, there are claims that HGH has been known to improve night vision.

Clinical studies conducted, have suggested that IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1), a factor released by the liver, on stimulation by the growth hormone. This IGF-1 is known to be responsible for the development of the vision of the fetus within the womb. IGF-1 also plays a critical role in preventing retinopathy in premature babies. However, in adults there have been a few reported cases of the role of HGH to improve vision, but several experts insist that there is a need for more structured investigation into the benefits of HGH for improving vision

HGH Improves Eyesight

Visual disturbances are more common in the elderly age groups and the use of human growth hormone has been found to provide a wide array of benefits. In addition to improving vision by enhancing the ability of papillary muscles, HGH has a critical role to play in the management of macular and retinal degeneration. Though many have indicated the need for additional research and study in this specific role of HGH, there are user testimonials and patient satisfaction reviews, which suggest that growth hormone has a pertinent and vital part to play in enhancing visual acuity. Many have argued that the improvement in vision is so subtle that few patients undergoing HGH therapy have noticed the benefits, and hence, there is not enough evidence to report the benefits.

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